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Jews-In-Technology (JIT), an initiative of Jhive, serves as an international hub for Jews working in technology, innovation, or venture capital. By joining our community, you'll gain exclusive access to events, workshops and resources.

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Through JIT, I have made some amazing introductions to fast-growing startups. I love the work Daniel and Spencer do for the global JIT community, this is something very much needed.


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Connect with a dynamic group of professionals via our WhatsApp group to share advice, support and guidance.

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Add yourself to the JIT directory.

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Network and meet members at our JIT events across the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs Jews-In-Technology?

Daniel Levy and Spencer Shaw established Jews-In-Technology to foster a pluralistic, international community within the tech industry. They, along with a dedicated team of volunteers, organise workshops and events.

How are we funded?

Jews-In-Technology is a non-profit initiative of the charity Jhive which has a mission to ignite Jewish entrepreneurship. More information on the charity can be found here - Jhive If you would like to make a donation, please click on the link at the bottom of the website.

Can I volunteer?

If you would like to run a workshop or volunteer and join one of our our fundraising event committees, please contact Daniel at: